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4 out of 5 Global Leaders In Infrastructure Construction Prefer TILOS Linear Scheduling Software.

TILOS dramatically increases the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of linear infrastructure projects.

If you’ve planned a linear project without TILOS linear scheduling software, you’ve probably experienced the frustrations of multipage GANTT charts that provide a lot of data, but not a lot of clarity.

Using a traditional project scheduling software is:

Difficult… creating an accurate baseline is very challenging

Impossibleto determine what work has been done where along the ROW

Confusingchanging the plan creates a large volume of tasks

Inefficient…. excessive resources are required to manage multiple data sets

Impractical measuring progress is often done manually by field personnel

TILOS Location-Based Software is Superior to CPM Schedules, Network Diagrams and multipage GANTT Charts for linear projects.

Imagine, a comprehensive, reliable and easy to communicate project plan that displays all on one page.

TILOS effectively automates Time – Location diagrams (also known as Line Of Balance charts, March Charts and Time Distance Diagrams) where the entire project scope displays along the time and distance axes.

These interactive Time – Distance Diagrams make linear project planning visual, intuitive, comprehensive and effective:

  • TILOS displays the entire construction execution scope in a single view.
  • TILOS connects the physical site and schedule information to the movement of crews and equipment along the ROW.
  • TILOS shows you the geography and constructability issues of a project with the schedule (what is built, when and where) and any activity clashes.

Learn more about the advantages of the linear scheduling method

TILOS Location Based Software Automates Linear Project Scheduling.

linear scheduling software

Easily Create Your Project Plan:

TILOS Line Of Balance software provides the following features to create your project plan more quickly, easily and accurately than ever before:

  • Draw right on the graphic representation of the project and TILOS will automatically connect drawn lines into real time and distance data you can use.
  • Draw activities in familiar bar chart format, as you would with traditional project scheduling software.
  • Import data from traditional project scheduling software
  • Choose from predefined activity groups per industry that create multiple activities in just one click (For example, Trench Digging, Pipe Laying, Trench Filling are grouped together )
  • Specifically designed to create accurate, reliable and easy to communicate linear infrastructure project construction plans, TILOS has been used in pipeline, railway, highway, tunnel, power-line and waterway projects worldwide.
  • Robust industry specific features offer predefined work packages to create a new activity where TILOS will immediately set quantity, resource allocation, work rate and location for you. It accurately develops a plan based on your estimate.
  • Create and edit a predefined activity list with preset resource allocations and parameters.
  • And should you need help, TILOS provides a world-class multilingual support team.

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Painlessly Optimize and Modify The Plan:

TILOS Linear Scheduling Software makes it effortless to boost the efficiency of the plan and make schedule changes easily – without creating a huge volume of unnecessary tasks:

  • Automated Distance Adjustments: Set the distance between activities once and TILOS will ensure that distance is automatically maintained across the entire project plan, no matter how times you reschedule.
  • Automated Succession Synchronization: Once two activities are synchronized in a location, TILOS linear scheduling software will ensure they move together across the plan, no matter how often you make changes. For example, if the length of a trench opening is modified, then the end of pipe laying gets automatically updated
  • Automated Speed Synchronization: Set the speed of two parallel work processes, when the master activity speed is changed, TILOS linear software automatically adjusts so all the relevant speeds are also adjusted.
  • Automated Meeting Point: TILOS linear software automatically calculates the meeting point of two activities towards each-other at differing speeds along the ROW.

linear scheduling software

Effortlessly Measure Progress Against The Baseline:

TILOS Linear Scheduling Software makes it easy to measure progress against the baseline – and provides data on each activity.

linear scheduling software

Exchange Data With The Tools You Use:

  • Integrates with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Asta Powerproject.
  • Import data such as crossings, mass haul, elevation or site map.
  • Insert data from spreadsheets.

linear scheduling software

Get The Job Done, Profitably.

Daily progress reports can be imported directly into TILOS linear scheduling software. TILOS will then read the data and assigns the progress directly to the activities, analyzing the results and automatically updating the remaining work program.

linear scheduling software

Effectively Communicate The Plan:

Because TILOS Linear Scheduling Software displays the plan in Time – Distance Diagrams, you can present the entire scope in just one view.

  1. Progress can be shown with a simple distance based bar chart, showing completed sections.
  2. The baseline shows differences between plan and execution and highlights delays in the project at an early stage.
  3. Toggle levels of detail on and off to customize the view for your audience. Present one view to field personnel, another to stakeholders and another to your team members and contractors.

Increase the reliability, efficiency and ease of communicating of your linear project plan
and you’ll find the speed, ease of execution and profitability also increases.

The difference between the smooth execution of a linear project and one that gets bogged down with issues, delays and cost overages is often the quality, accuracy,  and reliability of the linear project plan.

Some of the brands that trust TILOS

“TILOS is making our lives easier. It helps us to sort out any issues of logic before they become a problem. It also allows us to communicate clearly to all teams involved exactly what we are aiming to do and is a good tool to demonstrate to all stakeholders what we are going to deliver.”

Awesome piece of software, with many applications on the job.

Our company is one of North America’s largest pipeline owner companies. Having researched the marketplace for a linear project planning tool, we chose TILOS.  When we have used TILOS on major pipeline projects during construction, it has provided rich construction decision support information.

This information is used to: optimize the construction program with resultant direct dollar savings.

For me, TILOS is the ultimate tool to overlook and plan all schedules along a distance. Much better than a bar chart.

I have found TILOS to be simple and it is now central to my preparation of tender or cost estimates. Importantly, it allows me to immediately update data when changes occur and provide real-time monitoring of progress.

TILOS transformed our engineer’s attitude to project scheduling from something extra they never had time for to a tool they “owned” and wouldn’t go to a meeting without.

I have seen similar software programs earlier, but TILOS is the most flexible and informative I’ve seen up to now.

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