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4 out of 5 Global Leaders in infrastructure project management prefer TILOS software.

TRIMBLE TILOS is a world-class linear infrastructure project management software tool, specifically created to make linear project planning easy.

TILOS linear software project management software is a graphical tool to plan and schedule repetitive work in different locations along a linear axis. TILOS connects schedule and site information in a single chart. Site constraints (such as environmental restrictions and traffic control) are integrated directly into the plan.

Since 1999, TILOS has been the trusted choice and used on heavy civil, rail, pipeline, bridge, transmission line and tunnels worldwide.

Why is TILOS linear infrastructure project management software the superior choice compared to other tools?

TILOS automates the creation of Time – Location Charts (also called March Charts and Time Distance Diagrams,) which are based on the highly effective Linear Scheduling Method.

The Linear Scheduling method has proven to be shown to be an easier, more effective and comprehensive method for linear project planning than the methods behind traditional infrastructure project management software.

The output of TILOS linear infrastructure project management software is a linear project plan that displays the entire scope on one page.

What can TILOS linear infrastructure project management software do for me? 

TILOS will increase your confidence, peace of mind, ability to execute, profitability and reputation.

It’s robust set of industry specific planning features enable you to take the guesswork and grunt work out of linear project planning.

infrastructure project management softwareIncrease the efficiency of project planning: Quickly create the plan & assess feasibility with the following features:

  • Built in project templates include pre-calculated activities for specific industries like Highways & Roads, pipeline, tunnel, bridges, power-line and transmission, making creating a plan up to 50% faster than with traditional infrastructure project management software.
  • Activity groups include resource planning, best practices for crew spacing and calculations and recommendations for mass haulage management.
  • TILOS automates many of the steps of creating a linear infrastructure plan: Clashed are highlighted based on environmental restrictions or restricted ROW access.
  • Confidently create an accurate baseline without using a high volume of resources to collect and analyze data.

infrastructure project management software

Optimize the plan easily: proactively avoid clashes

TILOS automates many of the steps of optimizing a linear infrastructure plan: Clashed are highlighted based on environmental restrictions or restricted ROW access.

infrastructure project management software

Impress stakeholders: speed up the schedule

  • Quickly pinpoint areas on the visual project plan to speed up the schedule
  • Proactively plan for continuous production, regardless of delays in access to ROW or other challenges.

infrastructure project management software

Increase Agility: Easily Update and Modify the plan:

  • Modify the plan and schedule as needed without creating a huge volume of unnecessary tasks.
  • Import daily progress excel sheets to show an updated project schedule: no more manual updates by field personnel
  • See at a glance, what work has been done where and plan for the next day’s work.
  • The schedule is automatically updated to show progress  

infrastructure project management software

Communicate effectively: Confidently Present The Plan:

  • A graphical representation of the project plan connected to the worksites make it easier to communicate the plan to diverse stakeholders.
  • Show the project’s progress compared to the baseline.
  • One click to toggle on and off levels of detail to present the most relevant information to project owners, field crews and team members.

infrastructure project management software

Resolve Contractual Issues: Manage claims and deviations based on data:

  • TILOS records all progress and deviations. Should claims disputes occur, TILOS has the data to back your position.
  • Or, better yet, avoid claims altogether with an optimized project plan.

infrastructure project management software

Increase Profitability: Execute the plan as close to the baseline as possible:

  • TILOS infrastructure project management enables you to create sub-projects to incorporate non-linear elements of the plan like substations making it a comprehensive planning tool for your entire linear infrastructure project.
  • Make decisions based on complete, accurate and up to date data – enabling you to proactively address concerns before construction and pivot quickly as needed should challenges like weather changes present themselves.

infrastructure project management software

Reduce Technical Headaches: Integrate Import & Export to major project planning programs:

  • An open data exchange means TILOS data can be imported into Asta PowerProject. Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project.
  • Data can like crossings, mass haul, elevation or site map can be imported into TILOS via CAD and Excel.
  • Data can be imported from Asta PowerProject. Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project and automatically assigned to the project plan.

TILOS includes robust, yet simple to use functionality.

infrastructure project management software

TILOS offers a comprehensive library of pre-existing industry specific templates which includes features like:

  • On-screen planning and task lists
  • Activity links and constraints
  • Calculating activities (duration, quantity and work rate)
  • CPM Reschedule
  • Display as both Time-Location-Diagram and Gantt Chart
  • Import and export
  • Cost and resource assignment and reporting
  • structured planning (summaries, hammocks, ….)
  • Reporting and filtering
  • Progress and Variance analysis

infrastructure project management software

Tilos is intuitive to use: it comes with many of the features you’re familiar with using from other tools like CAD:

  • Graphical creation and editing of objects
  • Layout models (views)
  • Layer techniques (transparencies)
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

infrastructure project management software

TILOS makes it easy to account for, describe and present site details:

  • Symbols and pictures can be imported and placed along the distance axis to describe the work that has to be performed in the project.
  • Scales and grids describe important station points. Grid lines assigned to stations also reduces data entry.
  • Speed profiles model non-linear productivity rates in different sections of the project such as: slope areas, wetlands, heavy rock areas or simply base productivity on learning curves.
  • Distance related graphs such as: elevation, slope diagrams or mass haul profiles showing cut and fill sections can be generated directly from profile data.
Where can I find examples of TILOS project plans?

Click here to view samples of TILOS infrastructure project management software plans.

Who created TILOS ?

TILOS was originally designed in 1999, collaboratively between two of Germany’s leading highway construction firms, to make linear project planning easier.

TILOS was acquired by TRIMBLE in March 2015 to expand it’s heavy civil engineering capabilities and to integrate with TRIMBLE’s geospatial technologies to record jobsite progress automatically.

What are my options for using TILOS linear infrastructure project management software?

TILOS infrastructure project management software licenses are available for individual users, small companies and large enterprises. The licenses are available for installation on workstations, company networks or on a floating USB.

TILOS is also available in multiple languages.

Learn about TILOS tech specs here

Will TILOS become outdated?

TILOS takes customer’s feedback very seriously and releases regular updates based on customer feedback and to continue to provide you with the most cutting edge solution in linear infrastructure project planning and execution.

What kinds of support are offered for TILOS?

TILOS provides world-class, multilingual support across various time zones worldwide. Support is provided via phone, email and remote desktop.

Additionally, TILOS ongoing training sessions are offered in person and online to help you setup your first project.

Who uses TILOS linear infrastructure project management software?

Primarily used by project planning and scheduling managers, TILOS is also used by construction managers, engineers and project owner companies at the leading engineering, planning, construction and infrastructure project owner companies worldwide.

Click here to view Case Studies.

Some of the brands that trust TILOS

“TILOS is making our lives easier. It helps us to sort out any issues of logic before they become a problem. It also allows us to communicate clearly to all teams involved exactly what we are aiming to do and is a good tool to demonstrate to all stakeholders what we are going to deliver.”

Awesome piece of software, with many applications on the job.

Our company is one of North America’s largest pipeline owner companies. Having researched the marketplace for a linear project planning tool, we chose TILOS.  When we have used TILOS on major pipeline projects during construction, it has provided rich construction decision support information.

This information is used to: optimize the construction program with resultant direct dollar savings.

For me, TILOS is the ultimate tool to overlook and plan all schedules along a distance. Much better than a bar chart.

I have found TILOS to be simple and it is now central to my preparation of tender or cost estimates. Importantly, it allows me to immediately update data when changes occur and provide real-time monitoring of progress.

TILOS transformed our engineer’s attitude to project scheduling from something extra they never had time for to a tool they “owned” and wouldn’t go to a meeting without.

I have seen similar software programs earlier, but TILOS is the most flexible and informative I’ve seen up to now.

Can I try TILOS with my project?

Yes, Demo licenses are available upon request and are accompanied by a personalized getting started walk-through, so you can get the most of your 30 day trial license.