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What people say about using TILOS Linear Scheduling Software

“TILOS is making our lives easier. It helps us to sort out any issues of logic before they become a problem. It also allows us to communicate clearly to all teams involved exactly what we are aiming to do and is a good tool to demonstrate to all stakeholders what we are going to deliver.”

Channi Matharu, Planning and Scheduling Manager for the Thames Tunnel

“TILOS transformed our engineers’ attitude toward project scheduling from something extra they never had time for to a tool they “owned” and wouldn’t go to a meeting without.”

James Lyon from HDR Inc. in USA

Our company is one of North America’s largest pipeline owner companies.  Having researched the marketplace for a linear project planning tool, we chose TILOS.

Here are some key findings from our experience:

  •    TILOS has been demonstrated to have a more intuitive and somewhat easier learning curve than other fully functional planning/scheduling tools despite the added distance data element.
  •    TILOS has been used on most of our recent pipeline development projects, sometimes quite early in their life cycles, as it effectively and graphically portrays critical pipeline planning information.
  •    TILOS is being used as the key planning tool on our largest pipeline integrity program, thus showing that it’s use can be effective on projects other than contiguous new build pipeline developments.
  •    TILOS integrates well with our other estimating and planning tools (Primavera P6 and InEight HD).  This makes planning revisions more efficient.
  •    Using TILOS to produce comprehensive march charts is proving to be an excellent training aid for younger, less experienced project staff.
  •    When we have used TILOS on major pipeline projects during construction, it has provided rich construction decision support information.  This information is used to:

o   Optimise the construction program with resultant direct dollar savings.

o   Reinforce our establishment of facts in the event of contractor claims, thus yielding more savings.

Planning Manager, Pipeline Owner Company

“For linear projects, there is nothing better!”

L.P. Project Manager South Africa

“I have seen several similar programs earlier – but this software is the most flexible and informative I have seen up to now.”

Project Director, Denmark

“I hope we get TILOS, it’s great! It is what the project manager wants.”

Project Manager, South Africa

“Awesome piece of software with many applications in the job.”

Stuart Shortland, Planner, Parsons Brinkeroff Ltd, UK

“TILOS is one of the best software available to plan and manage linear projects.”

Vamsi Kolliboina, Skanska

“The result was good, the client was very satisfied with the TILOS time schedule and we also got the contract.”

Planning Engineer, Sweden

“For me, TILOS is the ultimate Tool – I can overlook and plan all schedules along a distance much better”

A.L. estimation and planning, Germany

I have found TILOS to be simple and it is now central to my preparation of tender or cost estimates. Importantly, it allows me to immediately update data when changes occur and provide real-time monitoring of progress.

John Vaughan Williams, Contracts Manager

I have seen similar software programs earlier, but TILOS is the most flexible and informative I’ve seen up to now.

Project Director, Denmark

What people say about TILOS Training with the TILOS Americas Team:

The last two days have been excellent together with your supportive and positive approach to the online training. It was fantastic and I will be sharing my experience with others in our team so don’t be surprised if you get called upon to conduct further training.

Bill, Principal Engineering Construction Advisor

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