TILOS basic training – live

Dean Rosychuk of Petroglyph Project Analytics and TILOS Americas.com will be delivering TILOS basic training  for Aecon in Calgary, AB May 30th- May 31st. Click for more information on TILOS training courses

TILOS Uninstal Instructions

To Un instal TILOS Scheduling Software, follow these steps:

Do you really want to un instal TILOS scheduling software?

There is no real reason to uninstall, unless you are completely abandoning the software, which is not recommended.  You may want to use the software at a later date.

You do not need to uninstall to upgrade from one version to another.  Just keep the old version installed, as you may need/want to go back to that old version.

To remove TILOS from your computer, go to Control Panel | Programs.

Find the program Tilos 9.0 ( or other version) and click on that entry.  TILOS will be uninstalled.

To re instal TILOS, please visit our online shop, or contact us to purchase a new license for TILOS scheduling software