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TILOS Software Infrastructure Project News | May 2017

Infrastructure Project News : TILOS Linear Software

Panama Canal Expansion Project: Photo by Keith Yahl CC BY 2.0

TILOS Software | Infrastructure Project News | May, 2017

Each month TILOS Americas publishes Linear Scheduling News, a curated selection of articles about infrastructure projects, linear scheduling, and all things TILOS.

Panama Reinvests Upgraded Canal Revenues Into Infrastructure Projects

Last year’s $5.3 billion expansion of the Panama Canal introduced a new toll structure along with the ability to accommodate larger ships, resulting in a surge of new revenue.

Government levies on the Panama canal are expected to surge 50 percent this year to $1.6 billion, about 7 percent of fiscal revenue.

That money will help finance further infrastructure projects, including a $1.86 billion metro line to be completed in 2019 and the $800 million expansion of the Tocumen International Airport.

Canada & British Columbia Announce $87 Million in funding for 26 new infrastructure projects

From green energy systems, solid waste management, drinking water, wastewater management, highways, roads, bridges, disaster mitigation, regional airport improvements and broadband access, Federal & Provincial Governments are committing $87 Million CDN to BC Infrastructure.

A part of BC’s B.C.’s Rural Economic Development Strategy, these infrastructure upgrades are expected to contribute to the creation of over 26,000 jobs and add $2.8 billion to provincial GDP.

Trump officials delay Caltrain upgrade:

Approved by the Obama Administration, the $2 billion upgrade to the 1980’s train that shuttles 65,000 people a day between San Francisco and San Jose, has been “deferred” by the Trump administration.

This is one of many moves by the Trump administration that further delay needed infrastructure upgrades in the US.

According to the Washington Post “The delay has infuriated California officials, who had hoped the long-awaited project would mesh nicely with President Trump’s call for fresh spending on the nation’s aging infrastructure.


Mexico’s $3.7 Billion USD investment in Linear Infrastructure Projects; Roads / Railways Paying Off.

Driving time between Mexico City and Acapulco has been reduced by at least one hour following the April 2017 opening of the Paso Express de Cuernavaca.

The Paso Express is part of a broader highway interconnection project for the country’s capital and its metropolitan area, representing an investment of over $2 billion – “This is the greatest construction and enlargement of federal highways carried out by any administration,” said Gerardo Ruiz Esparza.

In 2014, Mexico announced investment in 5 large infrastructure projects, intended to bridge the infrastructure gap reported by consultancy CG/LA  infrastructure investment needed to increase by 250% by 2020.

3 of the 5 major infrastructure upgrades are road and railway projects.


Brazil Receives Project Planning Support To Reduce Infrastructure Gap: World Bank

Henrique Pinto of Brazil, points out that closing the infrastructure gap in many countries is prohibited not just by funding, but by poor project planning.

Pinto says “The need to plan and prepare good projects before making the decision to invest in infrastructure may seem obvious, but frequently is not carried out appropriately.”

Brazil is a beneficiary partner of the Global Infrastructure Facility and has received Programmatic support to bring to market a set of priority federal-level road, airport, port, and rail projects, with focus on achieving wider market participation and sources of finance.


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