linear project planning software TILOS

An Interview With A Veteran Linear Project Planner

Min Xie has been a project scheduler since 2008. He’s spent his career with leading infrastructure companies such as Enbridge and Worley Parsons, among others.

Min has worked on over 10 major linear projects in his career, including massive pipeline and power line projects.

linear project planning software TILOS

Question: Min, what challenges do you find are unique to linear projects?


Min: “The challenge with linear projects is the requirement to plan the project activities in the proper sequence.”

“For example” Min laughs “when you’re building a pipeline, you have to dig the ditch before you lower the pipe in.”


Q: What software tools have you used to manage linear project schedules?


“At first, I was using MS Project and Primavera to manage the linear project schedules.”


Q: How did you find using these traditional project management software applications to manage the schedule of a linear project?


“With GANTT charts it’s not very easy to find out if the dates are wrong, or if you’ll have a problem, for example, sequential activities should be parallel, not crossed.”


Q: When did you start using TILOS to manage the scheduling for linear projects?

“I started using TILOS in 2010. I’ve been working with Lorne at Petroglyph since then and I feel very fortunate to work with him”


Q: What do you think of TILOS?

“I was surprised at how easy it is – I’m very impressed.

TILOS is very intuitive. We use it to educate people and everyone on the project can understand it easily.”


Q: What percentage of time and money would you estimate TILOS saves, per project?


“That’s a tough question” Min laughs, “but I’d say TILOS is up to 20% faster than using traditional project management tools and I would say TILOS saves up to 10% of the total project controls budget.


Q: What would you tell anyone who is considering using TILOS, but hasn’t quite decided yet?


“I would tell them it’s very easy and intuitive – they’ll be impressed once they see a sample schedule.”


About TILOS linear project planning software:


TILOS is the globe’s preferred linear project management software, trusted by 4 out of 5 industry leaders.


TILOS automates the linear scheduling method, and with it, many of the repetitive tasks associated with planning, updating and presenting a linear project. It’s intuitive visual interface connect the plan to the physical project, making it easy to optimize, update and present to various stakeholders.

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